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Yes, we pay you when you buy your favourite music tracks at any of these featured music shops. We recommend you bookmark this page if you are a regular music scene shopper!

  • BBC shop

    BBC shop is a division of BBC worldwide and sell branded products direct to their customers in the UK and EU. They have an excellent range of over 4,000 BBC and BBC related DVDs, videos, books and audio books.

  • CD WOW

    CD WOW offer best value on CDs, DVDs and Games with new release albums as well as an extensive back catalogue of top music throughout the ages with free Delivery worldwide.

  • eMusic

    Every new customer signing up for a free trial can download up to 25 MP3s over 7 days free of charge from a library of over 1million MP3s from more than 90,000 albums to choose from.

  • HMV

    HMV is the music store for music lovers everywhere, with Free UK delivery on all purchases. Buy all media entertainment from HMV such as DVDs, CDs and books, the Masters Voice is a sign of the best music store. Please see conditions box.

  • iTunes

    download any single for just 79p FREE digital jukebox download too


    Get Free delivery on every purchase, 24-hour software dispatch on all in stock titles. Fantastic low priced software all year round, plus extremely powerful searching / browsing of stock.

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